About Me

With over thirty years of experience, Mariano Scopel is a freelance photographer who specializes in portrait photography. Under the alias Mapel, he has worked toward his life’s mission of capturing the true essence of his subjects by translating their authentic spirit into eye-catching portraits.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Scopel has immersed himself in the art of crafting images since the 1990s. In these decades as a professional photographer, he has traveled around the world and collaborated on hundreds of projects across a wide range of photographic genres. Scopel’s works can be found in international magazines, album covers, and commercial projects.

After establishing himself on the international scene, Scopel has settled in Berlin to develop commercial and personal projects. Over the decades it has taken to cultivate his art form, Scopel has fostered an ever-growing appreciation for travel and meeting extraordinary people. He continues to pursue his passion of capturing the true spirit of his subjects through portrait photography, working tirelessly to portray the extraordinary.

Finally, Mapel is grateful for each and every person who takes the time to visit his website and view his work. He is currently open to inquiries and is happy to hear from new subjects.